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Focused and Present

In late 2009, Dr. Jamie Reese, PT, DPT and I began putting years of physiology, biology, anatomy, and exercise science education in addition to our physical therapy doctorate training to use and developed the now nicknamed MI6 methodology.

Our focus, core values, and goals were all centered around education, sports performance, and goal oriented programming that anyone could do for life-long health and fitness goals.

Over time that resulted in Dr. Whit coaching eyes on mobility classes, competitor CrossFit classes, and remote programming.

After 3 years, we decided to refocus, returning to our roots, and staying true to our original vision and core values.

What does that mean??

We are returning to remote programming, educational seminars, and a consulting role only.

We are excited to share our highly successful model and continue to develop knowledgeable coaches AND continue to provide superior remote programming that includes mobility, stability, corrective exercise, nutrition, and recovery in addition to fun, challenging, individualized workouts that are client centered, condition specific, and designed around the needs of the individual.

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